Rosendale Voted Against Funding Butte Veterans Home — Twice

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Thursday, July 2, 2020

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Rosendale Voted Against Funding Butte Veterans Home — Twice

Montana Veterans Celebrate Anniversary of Groundbreaking Today — No Thanks to Rosendale

Helena, MT – Veterans across Montana today celebrate the anniversary of the groundbreaking of the Southwest Montana Veterans Home in Butte — no thanks to Maryland Matt Rosendale. As a state legislator, Rosendale consistently opposed funding the project, over the objections of Butte’s veterans and veteran groups

Maryland Matt voted against a bill to fund the Butte Veterans’ Home, which serves the roughly 33,000 veterans in Southwest Montana – nearly one-third of our state’s veteran population. Rosendale also helped kill a bipartisan bill that would have provided $5 million for the veterans’ home in Butte.

Rosendale also voted to slash funding for the Columbia Falls Veterans Home by over $3 million, a move opposed by veterans, Flathead residents, and even Montana Republicans like Ryan Zinke. In response to the measure, a state senior vice commander of the Montana Veterans of Foreign Wars said “Veterans are tired of corporations making a profit off our wounds and disabilities,” and a nurse’s aide at the home called it a “bad idea.” A veterans’ advocacy group pointed to the vote as further proof that Rosendale is a “fraud.”

“Maryland Matt continues to give nothing more than lip service to Montana’s veterans. Montana has three veterans homes, and Rosendale has attacked two of them — could he be more out of touch?” said MDP Communications Director Nathan Stein. “Montana’s veterans demand a Representative in Congress with a proven record of advocacy — and Maryland Matt doesn’t make the cut.”


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