Rosendale Voted Against 30 Critical School Infrastructure Projects That Improved Schools Across Montana


Helena –  You have to hand it to East Coast developer Matt Rosendale—he scored a home run when he opposed infrastructure projects, Montana jobs, and our public school system with just a single vote.

When Rosendale was a state legislator, he voted against legislation that funded 30 school improvement projects in dozens of Montana communities. Luckily, the bill had overwhelming bipartisan support and passed anyway, meaning that Montana schools were still able to get the new roofs, classrooms, heating systems, and other improvements that they badly needed.

It’s no secret that Rosendale is a foe of our public education system. But this vote, among others, reveals that Rosendale is also opposed to investing in Montana infrastructure and Montana jobs. During his time in the state legislature, Rosendale voted againstinfrastructure legislation that would have funded improvements to Montana universitiesand the Southwest Montana Veterans’ Home. He opposed the final version of a bill that would have spent $12 million directly on infrastructure in eastern Montana.

Unlike most Montanans, Rosendale must not see the value in improving Montana’s infrastructure or the good-paying jobs that would be created in the process. Just another way Rosendale is out-of-touch with Montana values.


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