Rosendale a Threat to Public Lands


Helena – Montanans will be hard-pressed to find a public official in our state whose record on public lands is more atrocious than wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale’s record.

Although the majority of Montanans have made clear they want to protect our public access to public lands, Rosendale actually supports eliminating protections from more than half a million acres of public lands in legislation described as “the biggest rollback of public lands protections in state history.”

Meanwhile, Rosendale opposes legislation highly popular with Montanans that would strengthen protections for about 80,000 acres of public land and identify new areas for timber harvest and motorized recreation. Go figure.

He’s also called multiple times for transferring public lands and consistently supported measures that could make it easier to sell off our public lands.

On the Land Board, where he should be working to protect our public lands, Rosendale has voted several times against the interests of Montana’s sportsmen and women, killing the Keogh Conservation Easement proposal that would’ve protected about 8,000 acres of hunting land from potential subdivision, and obstructing an easement that will open up 20,000 acres of land in Eastern Montana to permanent public hunting access.

Transferring and even selling off our public lands sure sounds advantageous for a developer like Rosendale, but that’s antithetical to Montana values and exhibits ignorance or willful blindness about the importance of public lands to Montanans’ livelihoods and way of life.


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