Does Rosendale Stand with Party Bosses Calling for Medicare, Social Security Reform in Wake of Tax Law’s Deficit?


Helena – This week, a top national Republican said we should “figure out how to spend less” on things like Medicare and Social Security, as the partisan tax law contributes to the deficit rising to an estimated $1 trillion next year.

When asked if he believed spending less on Social Security and Medicare would be a way to address the burgeoning deficit in the wake of the tax law, Rep. Steve Stivers, chair of the National Republican Congressional Committee, said “Yeah.”

Stivers went on to suggest that he would be open to raising the retirement age for Social Security. That’s certainly in line with East Coast developer and State Frauditor Matt Rosendale, who said he would support raising the retirement age.

Rosendale has also called for a “straight repeal” of our current health care system, which has expanded critical Medicare benefits.

So what does Matt Rosendale think about reforming programs that many seniors and those with disabilities rely on? He does like to follow the lead of his buddies in Washington, after all.


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