Does Rosendale Stand By Mike Lee’s Efforts to Sell off Public Lands, Obstruct Defense Department Nominee From Montana?


Helena – Utah Senator Mike Lee, similar to East Coast developer Matt Rosendale, who he endorsed, is a threat to our public lands. Lee has championed legislation to sell off federal public land, including 100,000 acres in Montana, yet Rosendale has embraced – and continues to embrace – Lee’s endorsement.

Recently, Lee doubled down on his anti-public lands agenda; he just introduced multiple bills that would transfer or threaten our public lands. And Rosendale has so far continued to stand by his endorser Lee’s anti-public lands actions, to the detriment of Montanans.

Now, Lee is also threatening our national security goals, holding up Trump’s nomination of Montanan Anthony Kurta to a critical role in the Department of Defense that helps national security readiness and our service members and veterans. Kurta was nominated by Trump in July 2017, but Lee is stalling the confirmation of this key position and hindering key American priorities. Earlier today, Sen. Jon Tester stood up to this obstruction. Thus far, Rosendale has been silent.

We should all be alarmed at Mike Lee’s attempt to sell off our public lands, but Rosendale’s silence on his endorser’s dangerous attempts to transfer public lands and his own repeated calls to transfer federal public lands comes as no surprise, and only goes to show he puts politics above Montana.

But Rosendale should follow Tester’s lead and speak loudly in support of Kurta.

We know that’s unlikely to happen. Rosendale, of course, lacks Montana values, and it’s likely he’ll continue to embrace the endorsement of someone who likewise doesn’t hold Montana values. Rosendale has made clear that he’ll put his political career over what’s best for Montana.


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