Rosendale Skips Town on A Work Day (Again), Schmoozes with Donors in Washington, DC


Helena – For most Montanans, today was just another Tuesday for them to wake up and go to work. But for East Coast developer Matt Rosendale, it was an opportunity to skip out on his taxpayer-funded job and raise money in Washington, D.C.

Today, Rosendale fled Montana yet again to go raise money from seemingly the only people who will support his campaign: wealthy out-of-staters. He’s in D.C. for a fancy reception so he can schmooze with the coastal elite and ask for cash to boost his struggling campaign.

Lest we forget, this is far from the first time Rosendale has skipped town during the work week to raise money and campaign on the East Coast.

It begs the question: If Rosendale is so busy flying out to the East Coast to try and save his campaign, when does he have time to be state auditor of Montana?

The answer is: He doesn’t. Since the primary, Rosendale has held zero public events with Montanans in his capacity as insurance commissioner. And during this year’s rate review period, Rosendale refused to hold public hearings with Montanans, but found time to go to Washington, D.C. to fundraise.

When Rosendale does bother showing up to work, Montanans aren’t much better off. Rosendale has spent his time as insurance commissioner throwing Montana families under the bus and rubber-stamping average health insurance rate hikes of up to 23 percent.


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