Rosendale Said A Rural Teacher Loan Repayment Program Was A “Perpetual Pit” Of Money


Rosendale Criticized Successful Student Loan Assistance Program Used to Attract Teachers to Rural Schools

Helena – Montana has long struggled with a shortage of teachers in rural schools, a problem it tried to address through a student loan repayment program aimed at helping recruit and retain teachers for rural schools.

But East Coast developer Matt Rosendale criticized the program, called an important “recruiting tool” for Montana’s rural schools, effectively dismissing the value of incentivizing qualified teachers to teach in rural Montana schools.

Rosendale called the program a “perpetual pit” of money, even though Montana’s rural schools at the time were struggling to recruit and retain teachers – and still are.

Strong public education is a Montana value, and recruiting teachers in every part of the state should be a priority for our leaders. It’s a shame Matt Rosendale used his position in the legislature to criticize a program that did just that.


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