Rosendale Sabotaged Veterans Homes

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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

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Rosendale Sabotaged Veterans Homes

As a State Legislator, Rosendale Undermined Columbia Falls and Southwest Montana Vets Homes

Helena, MT – As Matt Rosendale continues his cynical election year posturing on veterans’ issues, Montanans won’t forget that he has consistently gone out of his way to defund or block funding for veterans’ homes across the state.

As a state legislator, Rosendale consistently opposed funding the Southwest Montana Veterans Home in Butte, over the objections of Butte’s veterans and veteran groups. Maryland Matt voted against a bill to fund the home, which now serves the roughly 33,000 veterans in Southwest Montana – nearly one-third of our state’s veteran population. Rosendale also helped kill a bipartisan bill that would have provided $5 million for the veterans’ home in Butte.

On top of his failed efforts to block the Butte project, Maryland Matt voted to slash funding for the Columbia Falls Veterans Home by over $3 million, a move opposed by veterans, Flathead residents, and even Montana Republicans like Ryan Zinke. In response to the measure, a state senior vice commander of the Montana Veterans of Foreign Wars said “Veterans are tired of corporations making a profit off our wounds and disabilities,” and a nurse’s aide at the home called it a “bad idea.” A veterans’ advocacy group pointed to the vote as further proof that Rosendale is a “fraud.”

On both occasions, Kathleen Williams was on the side of Montana veterans.

“Matt Rosendale’s posturing on veterans’ issues flies in the face of his consistent efforts to gut critical services — he’s just a typical politician, attempting to walk back his out-of-touch record in an election year” said MDP Communications Director Nathan Stein. “Kathleen Williams has been a consistent champion for Montana’s veterans, and will never stop fighting to ensure that our brave servicemembers get the care and benefits they deserve.”


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