Rosendale Repeatedly Opposed Bipartisan School Funding Bills


In the Legislature, Rosendale Consistently Voted Against K-12 Education Funding Measures

Helena – As Montana students head back to school this week, it’s hard not to remember the many ways that East Coast developer Matt Rosendale has voted against them.

During Rosendale’s time in the legislature, a bipartisan bill to fund 30 school infrastructure projects in dozens of Montana communities passed with a large majority – but he was among the few who opposed the measure. Nevertheless, it funded the expansions of classrooms and schools, a new vocational facility, upgraded heating systems, and new roofs across Montana.

He didn’t stop there, though. Rosendale opposed a measure championed by Ryan Zinke to increase funding for public schools by $22 million.

Rosendale also voted to cut in half school property tax mills that produce tax revenue crucial to Montana’s school districts. The bill had bipartisan opposition and was said to give large energy companies more of a tax break than the average homeowner.

Rosendale hasn’t looked out for Montana’s students, schools, or educators and his anti-education agenda has no place in Montana.


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