Rosendale Refuses to Address His Harmful Voting Record Against Veterans


Helena – This weekend, wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale “refused to discuss any votes he took in the Legislature,” specifically a whole host of his harmful votes against our veterans.

Rosendale failed to discuss his vote to slash funding by more than $3 million for the Columbia Falls veterans home — drastic cuts that Montana veterans, area residents, and fellow GOP lawmakers criticized heavily.

He likewise refused to talk about his multiple votes against funding to build the veterans home in Butte — crucial funding secured by Jon Tester that will serve the roughly 33,000 veterans in Southwest Montana, nearly one-third of our state’s veteran population.

This veterans home is strongly supported by Butte’s veterans and veterans groups, yet Rosendale opposed it, voting against a bill to fund the state match for the home and voting against a bipartisan bill that would have provided $5 million for the veterans’ home.

Rosendale also failed to acknowledge his votes against creating a home loan program for first-time veteran and Gold Star family homebuyers and against providing scholarships for Montana’s Purple Heart recipients.

Montana’s veterans deserve to know why Rosendale voted against them time and again. It’s well past time Rosendale answer for his votes against our veterans.


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