Rosendale Puts His Campaign Before Montana, Brags About Being in DC as Officials Hold Health Care Price Transparency Meeting in Helena


Just How Long Was Rosendale in DC Last Week?

Helena – In what has become a very familiar pattern, wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale put his own self-interests over Montanans’ health care.

At a panel convened last Friday, state workers studying “pricing transparency in health care” discussed ways to help Montanans by increasing the price transparency of their medical costs. They heard from health care professionals on the importance of transparency in costs for patients as well as ways to provide that information.

Seems like a good hearing for the state’s insurance commissioner himself to attend.

But where was Maryland Matt? Off campaigning…in Washington DC, putting his own personal agenda over Montana. He even bragged about it in a press release.

Rosendale should be fighting to protect Montanans from higher health care costs and to increase pricing transparency, but instead, he’s got a long rap sheet of failing to defend Montanans from severe spikes in health care costs.

So if he’s not doing his job as Insurance Commissioner, what exactly does Rosendale do besides campaign for another job?


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