Rosendale Opposed Scholarships for Purple Heart Veterans

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Friday, August 7, 2020

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Rosendale Opposed Scholarships for Purple Heart Veterans
Helena, MT – As Americans across the country celebrate veterans injured in the line of duty this Purple Heart Day, Montanans won’t be forgetting the time that Matt Rosendale, as a state legislator voted against creating a program that created a scholarship for Montana Purple Heart recipients to help them find a path to pursue higher education.

It wasn’t the only time Rosendale attempted to block veterans from pursuing opportunity after serving. Maryland Matt voted against creating a program that has helped hundreds of veterans and gold star families buy homes. The loan program was endorsed by the VFW, American Legion, and National Guard, but Maryland Matt still couldn’t bring himself to do right by Montana’s veterans. Thankfully, despite Rosendale’s objections, the bill passed, was signed into law by Governor Bullock, and has since provided hundreds of loans to Montana veterans. 

Kathleen Williams, serving in the Montana House at the time, voted for both bills. Kathleen is the daughter of a World War II veteran and wife of a Vietnam-era  veteran, and she will never stop fighting to ensure that our brave servicemembers get the care and benefits they deserve.

“Matt Rosendale has shown time and again that when it comes to standing up for our veterans, he is dangerously out-of-touch,” said MDP Communications Director Nathan Stein. “Kathleen Williams is a proven advocate for Montana’s veterans, and will always stand up to politicians and hacks like Maryland Matt who work to withhold the benefits our veterans have earned.”


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