Does Rosendale Oppose Bipartisan Bill Benefiting Montana?


Helena – Last week, Sen. Jon Tester secured key funding for Montana including for our veterans, public lands, law enforcement, first responders, schools, and infrastructure.

Wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale has often touted his out-of-state endorsements from Rand Paul and Ted Cruz – both of whom voted against the bipartisan bill that will help Montanans across the state.

So, does Maryland Matt stand with his endorsers against crucial funding for Montana?

The funding Tester fought for helps our firefighters combat wildfires, providing them with the equipment, training and staff they need. It increases public access to public lands and expands resources for law enforcement to boost security and help fight drug trafficking.

We already know Rosendale does not support some parts of the bill, like funding for the Southwest Montana Veterans Home in Butte, which Tester fought for and Rosendale has repeatedly voted against.

Montana voters deserve to know if Rosendale will stay consistent in his anti-veterans and anti-Montana beliefs, and if he also opposes the bill’s other help for veterans, such as expanding veterans’ access to mental health care and substance abuse treatment and prevention programs, as well as increasing funding for health care for rural vets.


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