Rosendale Not Being Transparent with Montana Voters Again, Still Hasn’t Disclosed His Personal Finances


Helena – Wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale has made it clear he doesn’t care about telling the truth to Montanans. Rosendale has deceived Montanans about his record of supporting policies that could make it easier to sell off our public lands. He misled Montanans about the process behind the massive health care rate hikes he rubber stamped. He’s yet to provide a credible answer to why he would be reckless and incompetent enough to claim under penalty of perjury that he was a Maryland resident in 2015.

And now he still isn’t being transparent with Montana voters, breaking the rules and failing to file his Personal Financial Disclosure by the Senate Ethics Committee’s May 15 deadline, more than a week ago. All the other candidates for Senate from Montana have managed to file their financial disclosures.

Rosendale’s lack of transparency and history of misleading Montanans is disturbing. It’s well past time for Rosendale to come clean about his shoddy record and bad policies he pushes, and stop hiding the truth from Montanans.


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