Rosendale Misleads on His Horrible Public Lands, Health Care Record…Again


Helena – Yesterday, in the Sidney Herald, East Coast developer and State Frauditor Matt Rosendale chose once again to mislead Montanans on his record of working against them.

Rosendale – who has consistently supported measures that could make it easier to sell off our public lands and has called repeatedly for the transfer of public lands – claimed that he understood public lands, even acknowledging that “in Eastern Montana we don’t have as many public lands…”

But based on his actions, Rosendale doesn’t actually get public lands at all, since he obstructed the Horse Creek Easement that will open up 20,000 acres of land in Eastern Montana to permanent public hunting access – no thanks to Rosendale. Then again, transferring and even selling off public lands would certainly benefit developers like Rosendale.

Let’s also not forget, Rosendale admitted point blank that he would not support new wilderness or wild and scenic designations in Montana.

Rosendale also bragged about working “to implement new rules that will extend short term policies,” but those shoddy short-term plans would hurt Montana consumers. Shoddy short-term plans circumvent consumer protections under our current health care system, and don’t have to cover pre-existing conditions, prescription drugs, mental health care, substance abuse treatment and prevention, or maternity care.

These junk plans are bad enough, but their expansion like Rosendale is pushing for, plus provisions in the tax law Rosendale supports, are projected to increase average premiums for Montanans by more than $1,300 in 2019 alone (a nearly 20% increase). That means Montanans could pay more than $8,000 on average in premiums next year all because of policies Rosendale supports.

And the Brookings Institute found that health care premiums would probably be going down by an average of more than 4% if not for those two Rosendale-backed policies.

So Rosendale pretending to be an advocate for public lands or for Montana consumers is blatantly misleading of him – and his record proves it.


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