Rosendale Kicks Off “Matt First Tour”


Helena – Skipping out on his job to campaign during a work week? Just another day for East Coast developer Matt Rosendale.

This work week, Rosendale is embarking on a campaign trip that he’s calling the “Montana First Tour.”

But since he’s established a record of deceiving Montanans and only looking out for himself, a more accurate name for his political travels is the “Matt First Tour.”

How has he been looking out for himself, instead of Montana? Let’s review:

  • Instead of fighting to protect Montanans with preexisting conditions, Rosendale pushed for short-term junk insurance plans to be sold in the state, not long after taking thousands of dollars from insurance execs who sold those types of dangerous plans.
  • Rosendale didn’t hold public hearings this year on proposed health insurance rate increases, but he did find time to fly to Washington to fundraise for his campaign. When he returned from campaigning out-of-state, Rosendale rubber-stamped rate increases.
  • Earlier this year, Rosendale failed to show up in-person to a Land Board meeting, but did find time to campaign that same day.
  • Rosendale continues to put his wealthy donors ahead of Montanans — it was recently uncovered that Rosendale dropped fines and charges against top campaign donors after they gave his campaigns nearly $13,000.
  • He also exploited a campaign finance loophole to allow his wealthy contributors to give him more than the maximum allowed under the law.

Whether he’s deceiving Montanans, or not fighting for them as Insurance Commissioner, one thing is crystal clear — Rosendale is out for himself.


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