When Rosendale isn’t too busy campaigning to do his job, he’s voting against Montanans and our public lands on the Land Board – a job he said “doesn’t matter”


Helena – Lately, Matt Rosendale has been sounding a little defensive about his anti-public lands record, probably because he’s been called out for his repeated calls to transfer federal public lands and for voting consistently against measures that would increase or protect public access.

But the East Coast developer and State Frauditor admitted himself that he doesn’t think his job matters, which must be part of why he has skipped out on official business but makes time to campaign.

During the GOP primary, Rosendale said, “It does not matter and should not matter who is actually sitting in the auditor’s seat,” which was called an “odd dismissal” of the state auditor’s job by a reporter on Montana Public Radio. Rosendale was criticized by his fellow Republicans Russell Fagg and Troy Downing for dismissing the job he was elected to do as State Auditor in order to prioritize his run for Senate.

In March, Rosendale was the only member of the Land Board not to attend a Land Board meeting in person, but he was able to find time to campaign in Lewistown that same day.

On the occasions that Rosendale does manage to show up to work, though, he’s been a pretty reliable vote against public lands.

Rosendale obstructed the Horse Creek easement, which will allow permanent public hunting access on 20,000 acres of land in Eastern Montana.

He was also the deciding vote against the Keogh Conservation Easement, which would have protected around 8,000 acres of hunting land from possible subdivision.

Since the June 5 primary, Rosendale has been out of state campaigning for at least eight days and has held zero public events with Montanans in his official capacity as state auditor that we know of.


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