Rosendale Headed to the East Coast, Skipping Out On His Job Once Again


Helena – State Frauditor Matt Rosendale isn’t exactly known for doing his job, instead he’s been seen campaigning out of state during the middle of the work week.

This past week was no different. After taking the day off on Thursday to campaign, Rosendale must have jetted off to the East Coast the next day to hang out in New York City Saturday morning.

Between political rallies and flights to fundraise and meet with lobbyists in Washington, D.C., when does the insurance commissioner actually find time to do his job?

It appears he solves that problem by simply not doing his job.

But when Rosendale doesn’t do his job, he’s ignoring his responsibilities to Montanans. Instead of holding public hearings this year during the rate review period, Rosendale refused to, and was actually found fundraising for his campaign in D.C. during that time.

Earlier this year, he didn’t bother to attend a Land Board meeting, but did show up that day to a campaign event.

And when Rosendale does bother to show up to work, he doesn’t hold insurance companies accountable – his literal job – or vote to expand public access to thousands of acres of land.

While Matt Rosendale can’t be trusted to look out for Montanans, it looks like he has no problem catering to out-of-state, political operatives.

Since the primary, Rosendale has held zero public events with Montanans in his capacity as insurance commissioner, but has spent more than a week’s worth of work days out of the state campaigning – that we know of.


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