As Rosendale Fundraises With Mitch McConnell In Washington, DC, Does He Agree With His Party Boss That Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security Should Be Cut?


McConnell Called Deficit “Disturbing,” Said Problem is Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

Helena – This work week, East Coast developer Matt Rosendale is skipping out on his job to campaign on the East Coast and fundraise for his campaign.

Today, Rosendale will be fundraising in DC with Mitch McConnell, who just this morning told reporters the rising national deficit is “disturbing” and said the problem was spending on Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

Does Rosendale agree with the Senate Majority Leader, his party boss, that we should cut Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security? Rosendale certainly doesn’t have any trouble campaigning alongside McConnell and after all, Rosendale does oppose Montana’s Medicaid program.

Montanans deserve to know the answer.


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