Rosendale Favors Government Shutdown Over Bipartisan Budget Deal for Montana that Funds Military, VA, Health Care


Helena – It should’ve been commonsense to support a bipartisan budget deal that provides long-term funding for Montana’s community health centers, CHIP, the military, our VA facilities, rural ambulance services and fire mitigation.

When asked if he supports the bipartisan budget deal that helps Montana, however, wealthy real estate developer Matt Rosendale said he was opposed to it – mere weeks after supporting a bill that will add trillions of dollars to the deficit.

Wondering why Maryland Matt could be opposed to the bipartisan budget deal that increases funding by $600 million for Montana’s community health centers – which serve more than 100,000 Montanans – for two years?

Look no further than his endorsement from out-of-state special interest group Club for Growth, a Koch-backed front that came out against the budget.

Still wondering why Rosendale would oppose extending funding for Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) for four more years through 2027, saving taxpayer money, and ensuring 24,000 kids in Montana have access to health care for the next ten years?

Take a look at his out-of-state endorsers – Sens. Mike Lee and Rand Paul – who both voted to shut down the government, and one of whom literally caused the shutdown.

Rosendale’s extreme opposition to the bipartisan bill means he also opposes:

  • Additional funding to state and local governments for fire mitigation.
  • Saving our seniors money on prescription drugs by closing the “donut hole.”
  • More funding for our military.
  • A five-year extension on Medicare reimbursement funding for rural ambulance services.
  • Authorizing $4 billion for maintenance and construction of VA facilities.
  • Protecting rural hospitals from federal regulations that block access to outpatient therapy.

Matt Rosendale has shown he is only accountable to out-of-state special interest groups backing his campaign all while disregarding what’s best for Montana.


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