Rosendale Failed to Protect Montanans with Pre-Existing Conditions By Bringing Back “Fraudulent” Medi-Share


Helena – Yesterday, Montanans criticized Matt Rosendale for his decision to bring a previously banned program, Medi-Share, back into our state even though it is not regulated by Rosendale’s office, is not required to cover pre-existing conditions, and has no guarantee of payments.

Rosendale was called out for deceiving the Montanans he is supposed to be protecting as insurance commissioner by promoting Medi-Share as a legitimate option.

Even after Rosendale bragged about bringing Medi-Share back — and admitted that he is incapable of regulating the program — he claimed he will protect Montanans with pre-existing conditions “but has not offered specifics” on how he would do that.

Rosendale also pushed to expand short-term plans, which are likewise not required to cover pre-existing conditions.

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Montana Public Radio: Tester Attacks, Rosendale Defends Non-Traditional Health Coverage Options
By Eric Whitney
October 10, 2018

Key points:

  • “‘From the perspective of the person who’s represented a family devastated by this, I don’t see any reason to allow Medi-Share to do business here in Montana where it could damage vulnerable people,’ Michael Cok, an attorney who sued Medi-Share on behalf of a Montana client for non-payment of cancer treatment, said on the call.”
  • “As Montana’s Insurance Commissioner, Matt Rosendale has the authority to allow health-sharing ministries like Medi-Share to operate in the state. But, as he explained in 2017, because Medi-Share doesn’t meet the legal definition of insurance, Montana’s insurance commissioner can’t regulate its practices.”
  • “Rosendale has said that protecting the ability of Montanans with pre-existing conditions to get health coverage is important to him, and that he’s working on policies to do that, but has not offered specifics.”

Read the entire article HERE.

Missoula Current: Attorney, Montana nurses question Rosendale’s approval of “fraudulent” Medi-Share
By Martin Kidston
October 10, 2018

Key points:

  • “‘It’s very fraudulent, and I’m very disappointed Matt Rosendale would bring this back into Montana,’ said state Rep. Marilyn Ryan, D-Missoula. ‘…There’s no room in Montana for this type of plan.’”
  • “Since it’s unregulated, Medi-Share isn’t required to cover preexisting conditions, and it can deny claims for little reason.”
  • “…funding was held in an off-shore account in the Bahamas…”
  • Vicky Byrd, executive director of the Montana Nurses Association said, “‘there’s no guarantee the patient’s claims will get paid when they need that medical care.’” and that it “will only leave patients vulnerable.”

Read the entire article HERE.


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