Rosendale Has Failed Montana’s Students and Teachers


Helena – During his short stint in the legislature, wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale left no doubt that he would be a consistent vote against Montana’s students and teachers in the Senate.

In the legislature, Rosendale voted against a bipartisan bill to fund school infrastructure in 30 Montana communities. The legislation provided funding for classroom and school expansions, upgraded heating systems, and vocational facilities, and it passed with a large majority.

Rosendale also opposed a measure championed by Ryan Zinke that increased funding for public schools by $22 million. He voted to move forward a bill that would have cut a critical source of tax revenue for Montana’s school districts.

Rosendale criticized a student loan repayment program designed to help recruit teachers for rural schools, calling it a “perpetual pit” of money, even as Montana’s rural schools are struggling to recruit and retain teachers.

This is the record of someone Montanans clearly cannot trust to support our schools and of someone who chooses without hesitation to put himself over Montana’s students and teachers.


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