As Rosendale Doubles Down on Harmful Health Care Repeal, Montanans Face Higher Costs


Helena – It isn’t enough that Montana’s insurance commissioner is choosing to campaign out of state instead of doing his job in Montana and is failing to be transparent with Montanans by refusing to hold public hearings on health insurance rate proposals.

In addition to neglecting his duty as insurance commissioner, East Coast developer and State Frauditor Matt Rosendale is pushing hard for shoddy short-term plans that aren’t required to cover prescription drugs or pre-existing conditions like asthma, cancer, or high blood pressure. And not a single short-term plan covers maternity care.

Last week, a new analysis found that health care premiums would likely be going down – by an average of more than 4% – if not for the expansion of  short-term plans combined with provisions in the tax law that Rosendale backs. Instead, Montanans will see their premiums spike by nearly 20 percent because of the expansion of shoddy short-term plans and changes from the tax law.

Rosendale recently doubled down on his support for repealing the current health care system, but that would rip away health insurance coverage from millions of Americans, increase our costs for care, and threaten Medicaid.

Axios: Republicans eye another ACA repeal vote if midterms go their way
By Caitlin Owens
August 6, 2018

Key points:

  • “…if Republicans hang onto the House and expand their majority in the Senate, lawmakers and aides generally assume another repeal vote would happen.”
  • “‘…if you had a significant enough shift in the Senate and you came up with a replacement that really did generate a level of support, yep,’ said Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who opposed last year’s repeal bill.”
  • “That bill failed by just one vote in the Senate, and GOP candidates are emphasizing the ACA as they try to expand their one-seat majority.”
  • “Republicans challenging Democratic incumbents in places like Wisconsin and Montana have recently reiterated their opposition to the law.”

Read the entire article HERE.



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