Rosendale Dismissive of PILT Program Providing Crucial Funding to Montana’s Communities


Helena – Across Montana, our communities will benefit from $40 million in Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILT) funding for 2018 that will go to more than 50 counties. The PILT funding, which Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke announced yesterday, will help improve crucial services in the state, such as infrastructure, schools, and law enforcement.

Unfortunately, wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale has dismissed PILT payments as “a welfare check” and “a guilt check.”

Montana Republicans like Zinke have praised PILT payments, calling it “critical support for local communities” and a commitment to rural America.

In the past, PILT funding has gone towards education programs, county infrastructure, headstones for indigent individuals, law enforcement, and improving roads.

Rosendale’s disparagement of PILT funding that is critical for so many of Montana’s counties shows us he doesn’t recognize Montana values if they hit him in the face.


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