Rosendale Continues to Face Criticism for Exploiting Campaign Finance Loophole


Helena –  In yet another bad news story for East Coast developer and state frauditor Matt Rosendale, the Missoula Independent reported on Rosendale’s exploitation of campaign finance law—with Montana State Rep. Bryce Bennett criticizing Rosendale for using a loophole to skirt campaign finance laws.

Earlier this month, Rosendale was exposed for cooking the books and using a shady campaign finance tactic “that looks a lot like [a] money laundering scheme,” which essentially allowed wealthy out-of-state donors to donate more than the legal individual contribution limit per cycle.

Rosendale has tried to hide this scheme from Montanans—his campaign’s comment to Yellowstone Public Radio was just the word “decline.” But Montanans have continued to hold Rosendale accountable for “violating the spirit of the law” and campaign finance reform group End Citizens United called on Rosendale to either return the money or donate it to charity. Last week, the Bozeman Daily Chronicle’s editorial board said Rosendale’s “accounting sleight-of-hand doesn’t pass the smell test,” and urged Rosendale to return the cash to use it for the intended purpose: To retire his 2014 campaign debt.

The Missoula Independent: Matt Rosendale’s self-dealing campaign loan highlights a finance loophole
By Alex Sakariassen
July 26, 2018

Key points:

  • “‘Matt has clearly found a way to sneak past the will of the voters of Montana.’”
  • “‘We have to find a way to close down any opportunities for people to sneak extra money into their campaign coffers from out of state donors because of this ridiculous loophole.’”
  • “‘Matt Rosendale’s intent was clearly to help high-dollar donors avoid limits,’ Muller said, ‘and he’s trying to deceive voters while skirting the law.’”
  • “‘… our campaign-finance laws were intended to create campaigns that only receive a certain amount of money from individuals, so that nobody could be corrupted by an overwhelming amount of money coming from any individual.’”

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