Rosendale Can Try to Run from Questions About His Lack of Ranching Credentials—But Montanans Won’t Stop Asking Them


Helena – Two days have passed since the news broke that wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale has been misleading Montanans about his ranching credentials—or more accurately, his lack thereof. Montanans now know that despite Rosendale’s nonstop claims on the campaign trail that he is an authentic Montana rancher, he has never actually owned any cattle and has never ranched his land himself.

Over these past two days, Rosendale has refused to answer questions about his lack of ranching experience. But this is one bad news story that won’t go away.

ICYMI: Montana Post: Maryland Matt Rosendale’s Literal “No Cattle” Career as a Rancher Exposed
By Don Pogreba
May 31, 2018

Key Points:

  • “Rosendale has repeatedly told voters that he is a rancher. Perhaps even more significantly, Rosendale started reporting in official campaign paperwork that he is a rancher.”
  • “There is nothing about his life that makes him a rancher. Talking Points Memo reported on Tuesday that Rosendale has never owned cattle and didn’t even maintain the brand that was associated with his ‘ranch’ purchase.”
  • “It’s an especially egregious lie when Rosendale has spent some of his time on the campaign denigrating the work of a real farmer, the only active farmer in the U.S. Senate, suggesting that Jon Tester is only playing the role.”
  • “Just embrace who you are, Matt. Those of us who have lived here are certainly used to people who visit and want to play cowboy for a little while. We just ask that they tell the truth when they do.”


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