With Rosendale Campaigning in DC, Montana Health Care Providers, Patients Call Him Out for Failing to Protect Montanans from Insurance Rate Hikes


Helena – This morning, Montanans joined together to call out East Coast developer and state frauditor Matt Rosendale for neglecting to do his job as insurance commissioner. Instead of doing his job, Rosendale has been in Washington today and yesterday to fundraise for his campaign.

Montanans gathered outside Rosendale’s official office to express their outrage at Rosendale for putting his political campaign before doing his job in Montana, and criticized him for failing to show up to work for Montanans – particularly during the rate review period when he should be reviewing insurance companies’ proposed rates for 2019.

Speakers also criticized Rosendale for dodging Montanans by refusing to hold public hearings on the proposed rates. Public hearings in this case are customary for the Insurance Commissioner and what anyone would do if they wanted to be part of a transparent and democratic government.

“Matt Rosendale is refusing to hold public hearings on insurance rate proposals this year – that’s a disgraceful and unprecedented lack of transparency,” said State Rep. Moffie Funk. “Montanans are facing higher health care costs and the very least we deserve is for Matt Rosendale to hold public hearings about the proposed rates. Instead, Rosendale is avoiding his constituents across the state and showing where his true loyalties lie, and it isn’t with Montanans.”

“The policies Matt Rosendale supports are dangerous, and every single time he tries to promote them as the right solution he is misleading Montanans. The people of Montana need a champion to hold insurance companies accountable, make sure insurance rates are fair, and protect and expand affordable access to quality care,” said Vicky Byrd, RN, executive director of the Montana Nurses Association. “Nurses advocate for patients, we need elected leaders who will do the same.”

“As a cancer survivor, I find it unconscionable that our Insurance Commissioner, Matt Rosendale, who should be looking out for Montanans’ health care, has actually pushed for plans that aren’t required to cover pre-existing conditions,” said Chelsia Rice, a small business owner and five year survivor. “Montanans deserve someone who is willing to fight for lower health care costs and show up to work. But Matt Rosendale is neglecting his job in Montana to campaign out of state.”

Since the primary, Rosendale has held zero public events with Montanans in his capacity as state auditor, but has spent at least eight days out of the state campaigning – that we know of.


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