Rosendale Called for Cutting Federal Funding for Montana’s Colleges and Universities


Helena – Just when it seemed like Matt Rosendale’s record on public education couldn’t get any worse, it turns out he opposed public funding for universities and colleges, which are attended by more than 46,000 students across Montana.

Rosendale said that “getting the government out of the funding for the colleges” was what “we need to focus on,” and added that we need to “move the federal government out of the funding that takes place for the colleges and universities.”

The East Coast millionaire developer might not know—or care—but federal funding provides Pell Grants for thousands of Montana students each year, helping more than 16,000 students afford college during the 2016-2017 school year.

Federal funding for Montana’s colleges and universities helps our students and their families afford an education they wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

Pulling away that funding like Rosendale advocated for would only make it harder for Montanans to afford school, and his anti-education agenda is a threat to Montanans.


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