Why Does Rosendale Believe that 23% Increase in Health Insurance Costs is “Reasonable?”


Helena – Last year, after insurance companies submitted their proposed rates, wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale failed to do his job and instead rubber stamped significant rate hikes for Montana consumers.

If Rosendale actually did his job, he’d know that the insurance commissioner has the authority to say “whether insurance rates are excessive, inadequate or unjustified for Montanans.” Yet last year, after Montana’s insurance companies requested increased rates of up to 23 percent, “Rosendale said that request was reasonable.”

A health economist even said it seemed like Rosendale was playing a “political game” with Montanans’ healthcare when it came to the rate review process.

Not only did Rosendale sit idly by as insurance companies raised premiums, he has actively pushed for policies that would increase costs for Montanans. And he even voted against giving the insurance commissioner the authority to review rates.

As insurance companies submit their rate proposals this Friday, Montanans will be watching to see if Rosendale does his job, but given his history of carelessly signing whatever is put in front of him, it’s unfortunately likely he’ll just be another rubber stamp on higher costs.


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