Rosendale Backs Health Care Changes That Raise Insurance Premiums by Nearly 20 Percent in Montana


Helena – For months, East Coast developer and Insurance Commissioner Matt Rosendale has pushed short-term health insurance policies. These policies do not have to meet current health care rules – like covering pre-existing conditions or providing coverage of essential health benefits such as prescription drugs and mental health care – and are bad for consumers.

A new study released Monday found that short-term insurance policies, which are being expanded in the current health care system, will cause premiums to increase by an average of 18.2 percent next year and a whopping 19.8 percent in Montana.

The study also showed that 6.4 million additional people will be uninsured in 2019 and 26,000 fewer people in Montana will have comprehensive health care.

Rosendale’s support for these harmful policies are in line with his record of hurting Montanans by failing to defend Montana from huge spikes in health care costs, standing by as CSR payments were cut, and opposing Medicaid expansion in Montana.

And while Rosendale sits idly by, large insurance corporations make even more money on the backs of hardworking Montanans whose health and pocketbooks stand to be severely jeopardized by these changes.


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