Why Was Rosendale an Administrator of Racist Facebook Group Slandering Sen. John McCain and Spreading Conspiracy Theories?


Group Members Wished For, Then Celebrated Death of John McCain

Helena – Until reports were published last week, Matt Rosendale was an administrator for nearly a year of a Facebook group that is riddled with conspiracy theories and racist, xenophobic, and homophobic posts.

The group’s members posted more than a dozen posts demeaning Sen. John McCain, calling him a “traitor,” wishing that he “would just shut up and die already!”, and celebrating the news of his death.

Only after several reports on Thursday made public that Rosendale was a member and administrator of this group did he remove himself from the group.

Does Matt Rosendale stand by the revolting messages of the group he was an administrator of, including calling for the death of a man Rosendale praised?

Montanans deserve to know why Rosendale was a member—and administrator—of the group in the first place, if he will disavow the group and condemn its hateful comments, and why he did not speak out against the group’s calls for John McCain’s death.


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