Republicans are Begging for a Federal Lifeline

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Monday, April 5, 2021



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Republicans are Begging for a Federal Lifeline

Caught in a Tax Scheme That Loses Hundreds of Millions, Republicans are Suing Desperate for a Savior


Helena, MT — The fiscal note for Governor Greg Gianforte’s signature tax cut for the wealthy indicates that Montana will lose more than $250 million over the next 5 years. The Gianforte tax scheme is a radical attempt to send more money to millionaires by lowering their tax rate, leaving the vast majority of Montana taxpayers behind. Now, Attorney General Knudsen thinks he’s found a way out. He’s suing the federal government in an attempt to use federal funds to plug the hole left by Republicans’ fiscal waste.


Despite warnings from fellow Republican lawmakers that these types of drastic cuts to state funding impact people and businesses alike, Governor Gianforte and Republicans in the state legislature insisted on slashing state resources in order to give more money to millionaires. This tax plan is just another example of Governor Greg Gianforte and Republicans in the state legislature continuing to value wealth over work. Republicans continue to prioritize an agenda that will not grow our economy.


As the Montana Free Press has noted, business leaders in Montana have called out Governor Gianforte for his priorities, which are clearly not in line with helping our economy grow. Instead he’s focused on promoting a radical agenda and supporting his fellow multi-millionaires.


“Attorney General Knudsen is trying to rob Peter to pay Paul” said Sandi Luckey, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party. “Governor Gianforte’s tax scheme is a financial disaster and Knudsen is trying to bail him out by suing to use money intended to grow our economy, invest in critical infrastructure, and lead us out of this public health crisis, to plug the massive hole created by his Republican colleagues.”



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