Republican Mayor: Matt Rosendale Shows “Lack of Candor with Montana Voters”


Helena – As wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale comes under increasing scrutiny for signing under penalty of perjury in 2015 that he was a Maryland resident, he is continuing to be called out for misleading Montanans – this time by the former Republican mayor of Kalispell, Tammi Fisher.

In a searing op-ed, Fisher criticizes Rosendale for his “lack of candor with Montana voters” and his “unique misunderstanding of Montana values.”

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By Tammi Fisher
April 27, 2018

Key Points:

  • Fisher calls out Rosendale for being “self-serving.”
  • “From [Fisher’s] vantage point, [Rosendale and Downing] fail the ‘means, motive, and opportunity’ test”
  • “When he ran for state auditor, [Rosendale] implored Montanans that voting for him was imperative to ensuring the future of State Trust lands managed by the State Land Board (of which the auditor is a member). If Matt Rosendale wins the Senate seat, Gov. Steve Bullock will fill the auditor position with a Democrat. When Republicans express this concern to Mr. Rosendale, his response (now) is that it doesn’t matter who holds the auditor seat for State Land Board purposes.”
  • “This juxtaposition leaves me questioning Mr. Rosendale’s candor.”
  • “Moreover, when Mr. Rosendale was running for Congress in 2014, I asked him what his plans were to save Social Security from insolvency. His response was to privatize Social Security. This answer, coupled with his lack of candor with Montana voters, reflects a unique misunderstanding of Montana values.”


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