Reminder: Rosendale an Expert at Skipping His Job to Campaign


Helena – Matt Rosendale has another East Coast developer headed to Montana to campaign for him today. This must be a nice change of pace for Rosendale, who usually just skips out on work to head east to raise money for his campaign.

Rosendale’s cavalier attitude toward the job he currently holds isn’t exactly new. Last week he was in D.C., and earlier this month, he took the day off on a Thursday to campaign in Billings and then flew off to the East Coast the next day to hang in New York City that weekend.

Before that, in another instance of failing to show up to work for Montanans, Rosendale refused to hold public hearings this year during the rate review period but did find time to show up in D.C. for at least two days in the middle of the work week to fundraise—during a time when he should’ve been reviewing insurance companies’ proposed rate increases for 2019.

There’s also the time when, right after bailing on a debate with Sen. Jon Tester after committing to it, Rosendale ran off to D.C. to fundraise with a “top lobbyist.”

And earlier this year, he didn’t even show up to a Land Board meeting but decided to go a campaign event that same day.

It seems like about every chance he’s gotten this election cycle, Rosendale puts his campaign first and prioritizes his out-of-state backers over actual Montanans.

Montanans deserve a lot more than an elected official who puts himself ahead of them and can’t be bothered to carry out the basic responsibilities of his job.


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