Reminder As Health Care Exchanges Close – Rosendale Rubber Stamped Higher Costs for Montanans

Laura Parvey-Connors2017, News

Helena – Today is the last day for Montanans to sign up for health care through the exchange.

Remember, Insurance Commissioner Matt Rosendale played political games with Montanans’ health care this summer as he rubber stamped higher health care costs for Montanans.

Rosendale, a wealthy real estate developer, has also refused to support a bipartisan health care bill that would reduce the deficit while bringing stabilization to the market.

Instead, he supports a repeal only plan that would jack up costs for Montanans, kick 32 million Americans off their health care, and eliminate Medicaid expansion, which has allowed nearly 80,000 Montanans to receive health care.

Rosendale isn’t looking out for Montanans – he’s looking out for his own political self-interest.


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