REMEMBER: Rosendale Admitted “It Does Not Matter” Who Sits in the Auditor’s Seat…His Current Job


Helena – It’s no secret that wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale doesn’t care about his job to protect Montanans as insurance commissioner, as he rubber-stamped huge hikes in health care costs of up to 23 percent, which he found “reasonable.”

On the Land Board, where Rosendale is dependable for his bad votes on public lands, he has phoned it in, instead putting his campaign first.

In fact, Rosendale even admitted he believes that “it does not matter and should not matter who is actually sitting in the auditor’s seat.” A Montana Public Radio reporter called his comments an “odd dismissal” of his job.

Indeed it is, but Rosendale’s comments are consistent with his votes and the policies he has supported that hurt Montanans’ access and could make it easier to sell off our public lands.

Take a look at his poor record:


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