REALITY CHECK: Koch Network Try to Rewrite Daines Record of Health Care Sabotage

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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

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REALITY CHECK: Koch Network Try to Rewrite Daines Record of Health Care Sabotage
Helena, MT –  Yesterday, Senator Steve Daines’ big-money friends, the Koch network, released a new ad trying to rewrite his record of sabotaging Montanans health care. Throughout his time in Washington D.C., Daines has worked tirelessly to gut Montanans’ health care coverage. However, now that Daines is facing a tough reelection campaign, he and allies are trying to paper over his shameful history of trying to rip away health coverage – even during a global pandemic. 

“[Daines] supports the fight to expand access to quality health care across Montana.”

REALITY CHECK: Daines has voted repeatedly to repeal and sabotage the Affordable Care Act and supports a partisan lawsuit to overturn the law, which could rip away health coverage from 112,000 Montanans if successful. Additionally, Daines has voted repeatedly to gut protections for people with pre-existing conditions, and voted to expand “junk” insurance plans which are not required to cover pre-existing conditions. 

 [Daines] will ensure “rural communities get the care they need.” 

REALITY CHECK: Daines has worked relentlessly to gut the Affordable Care Act, the law that paved the way for Medicaid expansion which covers more than 80,000 Montanans and  serves as a crucial lifeline to keep rural hospitals afloat. Since Governor Bullock passed Medicaid expansion, not a single rural hospital has closed. 

Daines, a fighter for health care access? His record tells the real story. 


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