QUESTION for the MTGOP: How Will You Vote on Abortion?

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Tuesday, May 10th, 2022

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QUESTION for the MTGOP: How Will You Vote on Abortion?

Montanans deserve to know how their legislators will vote on reproductive rights.


Helena, MT – Following the news that the US Supreme Court will likely reverse 50 years of precedence and throw out Roe vs. Wade, Montana’s own constitution will be the only thing protecting Montana’s right to an abortion.

The MTGOP is coming for our reproductive rights and our right to privacy: AG Austin Knudsen has explicitly petitioned the state courts to overrule the 1999 Armstrong ruling, which found abortion rights protected by the state constitution, separate from the US Supreme Court. Going even further, Rep. Derek Skees called for the Constitution writ large to be “thrown out” – and not a soul from the MTGOP denounced his statement. Their tacit approval lays bare the MTGOP’s radical agenda: they will strip away your constitutionally-protected reproductive rights. 

As the election cycle nears, Montanans deserve to know how the GOP plans to vote on abortion rights during the 2023 session. Every reporter should be asking every candidate running: 

  • How will you vote on a bill or constitutional amendment that would carve out the right to an abortion from the Montana Constitution?
  • Would you vote for a bill that criminalizes the use of contraceptives, like many of our neighboring state GOP parties have said they will.

“Montanans deserve to know what their legislators plan on doing with our constitutionally-protected rights. Every single candidate seeking our votes should be able to answer these questions,” says Montana Democratic Party Executive Director Sheila Hogan. “The Democrats will proudly stand up and fight for our Constitution and our right to choose. Why won’t the Republicans?”


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