In “Prickly” #MTSen Forum, Fagg Hits Rosendale for “Swamp-Like” Campaigning on “State Slush Fund”

Brooke BainumNews

Helena – At last night’s GOP Senate forum, ethically challenged Russell Fagg came out swinging, heavily criticizing wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale for “campaigning on public dollars.”

Fagg confronted Rosendale about the auditor’s so-called Invest in Montana tour, saying: “You talk about reducing spending, and yet you’re in the middle of a 19 city tour using state slush funds. I just find that unconscionable, during a campaign.”

Fagg went on to question why Rosendale didn’t go on his tour “last year or next year when we’re not in the middle of a campaign,” calling it “swamp-like activity” and “very concerning.”

It really says something about how Rosendale is misleading Montanans with his own questionable ethics to be getting hit on ethics from Fagg – who is facing two federal complaints for unethical behavior himself.


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