Poll: No Love for Rosendale in Montana

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Rejected by Montanans, Rosendale Seeks Solace in the Open Arms of Club for Growth, Which Created a Montana-Specific PAC Last Week

Helena – Wealthy real estate developer Matt Rosendale isn’t likely to get many Valentines today, at least not in Montana. Despite trying to spin a sad internal poll paid for by his campaign, Maryland Matt simply showed Montana voters aren’t swooning over him.

His poll showed that nearly 80 percent of survey participants recognized his name, yet only 28 percent said they would vote for him. Yikes.

That won’t stop him from trying to convince himself that Montanans love him:

“When asked if there were claims that his poll was skewed in his favor, he said those would be made only because the poll showed the people of Montana favored him.”

He also “insists he far surpasses his opponents.” Well, since he insists…it must be true?

At least he can count on his love affair with D.C. special interest group Club for Growth. The group opened a Montana-specific PAC earlier this month to keep the money flowing for Rosendale.

In return, he’s shown he will be loyal to them, falling in lock-step with their opposition to a bipartisan budget deal that increases funding for Montana’s community health centers – which serve more than 100,000 Montanans – extends CHIP funding, and ensures 24,000 kids in Montana have access to health care for the next 10 years.

All this comes after Rosendale supported a bill that will add more than a trillion dollars to the deficit and increase taxes for tens of thousands of working Montanans.

And it comes as Club for Growth bundled nearly $100,000 for Rosendale last year – nearly 14% of the total money he raised.

No wonder Montanans don’t see a future with him; he’s only focused on his own self-interests and the interests of the folks who have bought him, no matter the cost to Montana.


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