“Please repeat the question?” — Gianforte Blows the Debate

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Saturday, October 3, 2020

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“Please repeat the question?” — Gianforte Blows the Debate

Congressman Gianforte, Perpetrator of Infamous Chokeslam, Totally Chokes

Helena, MT – It was a bad night for Greg Gianforte.

From the start, Montana’s at-large Congressman was off-balance and nervous as he attempted to withstand a steady barrage of inconvenient facts presented by a sharp and unrelenting Lieutenant Governor Mike Cooney. 

When asked about his plan for affordable housing, Gianforte (who lives in a mansion) attempted to spin his horrendous record on public education. After talking in circles for half of his time, he was forced to ask moderator Jill Valley to “please repeat the question.”

But the moment of the night came when the Congressman was confronted by the moderators over his violent assault of a journalist, and his shameful lies to law enforcement in his attempts to cover it up. 

Pressed by Lt. Gov. Cooney to apologize for lying to the police, Congressman Gianforte short-circuited, and waited a full five seconds before… refusing to apologize.

By the end of the hour, Montanans had seen all they needed.

“Tonight, Montanans were presented with a clear choice in the most competitive governor’s race in the nation,” said MDP Deputy Communications Director Matt Fidel. “While Mike Cooney clearly laid out his case for protecting the Last Best Place, Greg Gianforte stumbled his way through an embarrassing performance. Good luck to his team on cleaning up this mess.”


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