Gianforte Votes to Slash $65 Million from LWCF, Attack Women’s Health, and Protect Dark Money in Politics


Helena—Today, multimillionaire Greg Gianforte voted to attack a number of Montana priorities, from public lands to women’s health to protecting our elections from the influence of dark money. Gianforte joined his DC party bosses to pass the Interior and Financial Services Appropriations bills, which slash the Land and Water Conservation Fund by $65 million below FY2018 enacted levels. But this isn’t … Read More

NEW: Rosendale Avoided Public Records Requests by Using Personal Email for State Business

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Helena – A bad news day just got worse for wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale. Reports broke that Rosendale used a personal email address for his state business when he was a state legislator, and that Rosendale actually requested the deletion of his official email account. Despite being publicly critical of other public officials who used private emails instead of … Read More

In DC, Yet Again: Matt Rosendale

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Helena – Wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale must be racking up the miles with all his frequent flights to DC to cozy up to Washington elite. Today, Rosendale was found out and about during the middle of the work week not in Montana where his job is, but in DC. We know he was at the White House, but just … Read More

Rosendale Refuses to Answer Questions After Being “Exposed” For Skirting Campaign Finance Laws

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Helena – This morning must’ve started out rough for wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale when he realized scrutiny of his shady campaign finance scheme won’t be going away any time soon. Today, Yellowstone Public Radio reported on Rosendale’s scheme to skirt campaign finance laws. End Citizens United, a campaign finance reform group, called out Rosendale for running around the law … Read More

Even More Dark Money Propping Up Rosendale from Out-of-State Special Interest Group Club for Growth

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Helena – Today, out-of-state special interest group Club for Growth announced it’s dropping well over a quarter of a million dollars MORE into Montana to attack Jon Tester and try to buy a seat for East Coast developer Matt Rosendale. This latest buy brings Club for Growth’s total spending on behalf of Rosendale to nearly $2.5 million in Montana this cycle … Read More

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not: Steve Bannon’s Tumultuous Relationship with Rosendale

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Helena – Last year, disgraced Trump advisor Steve Bannon endorsed wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale, which Rosendale initially “bragged” about and said he was “thrilled” to have the endorsement that reporters observed Rosendale had “sought and was happy to have.” But Rosendale has since distanced himself from Bannon, hiding his endorsement from Montanans and refusing to say whether or not … Read More

Rosendale is Beholden to Out-of-State Billionaires: the Koch Brothers

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Helena – For some reason, wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale thinks he’s running to represent special interest dark money groups over Montanans. That reason seems to be out-of-state money propping up his campaign. Rosendale and the Koch brothers’ network have been in sync so far this election, backing policies that would raise costs on Montanans while attacking Jon Tester for … Read More

Does Matt Rosendale Agree with Mitch McConnell’s Support of Decision that Makes Dark Money Even Darker?

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Helena – Yesterday, the Treasury Department decided that nonprofits and some other tax-exempt groups involved in political activity do not have to disclose their donors, further easing requirements on dark money groups trying to influence elections. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell praised the decision to limit transparency for groups pumping dark money into our elections. That means dark money groups that are propping up East … Read More

More on Rosendale’s Out-of-State Support: the Sketchy Senate Reform Fund

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Helena – Last week, a newly formed out-of-state dark money super PAC, the Senate Reform Fund, was caught lying about Sen. Jon Tester’s record and fabricating quotes. The Senate Reform Fund, doing the dirty work of wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale, was created on June 29, one day before committees were required to report their donors for the previous months. … Read More

Does Rosendale Stand By Mike Lee’s Efforts to Sell off Public Lands, Obstruct Defense Department Nominee From Montana?

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Helena – Utah Senator Mike Lee, similar to East Coast developer Matt Rosendale, who he endorsed, is a threat to our public lands. Lee has championed legislation to sell off federal public land, including 100,000 acres in Montana, yet Rosendale has embraced – and continues to embrace – Lee’s endorsement. Recently, Lee doubled down on his anti-public lands agenda; he just … Read More