Vice President Joe Biden to Headline 40th Annual Mansfield-Metcalf Dinner

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Helena—Today, the Montana Democratic Party announced that former Vice President Joe Biden will be the keynote speaker at the 40th Annual Mansfield-Metcalf Dinner in Helena on Saturday, March 10, 2018. “Just like Montana’s own Senator Jon Tester, Vice President Joe Biden has never stopped fighting for working families and he has never forgotten where he came from,” said Nancy Keenan, Executive Director of … Read More

Russell Fagg Still Deceiving Montana Voters, Refusing to Disclose His Campaign’s Secret Donors

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Helena – Russell Fagg launched his shadow campaign for Senate seven months ago, but he has yet to let Montanans know who his secret donors are who contributed to his partisan campaign while he was still a sitting judge. Still facing a pending FEC complaint for running a shadow campaign while he was a sitting judge, Fagg continues to deceive Montana voters by … Read More

In Yet Another Softball Interview with National Radio, Rosendale Criticizes Tester for…Taking Questions from Montanans at Town Hall

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Helena – While Jon Tester was traveling the state holding town halls and meeting with Montanans this weekend, wealthy real estate developer Matt Rosendale chatted up extreme Breitbart radio, using the opportunity to bash Tester for participating in a town hall hosted by high schoolers. Rosendale sarcastically called it “really tough” to answer questions from high school students. “He spent last week at a … Read More

While Broken Promises Haunt Gianforte, Sens. Flake and McCain Stand Up For Press Freedom

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Helena—Today, while Senators Jeff Flake and John McCain spoke out passionately in defense of a free and open press, Congressman Greg Gianforte continued to remain silent as questions linger about his honesty and his ability to take responsibility for his actions. Shortly after assaulting reporter Ben Jacobs in May, Gianforte wrote Mr. Jacobs an apology letter, which appeared to signal an understanding that his … Read More

Residency Issues Not Going Away, Bickering Just Beginning for GOP #MTSen Candidates

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Helena ­– The squabbling continues in the Montana GOP Senate primary, with Dr. Al Olszewski recently proclaiming he has deep roots in Montana, an apparent dig at wealthy Maryland real estate developer Matt Rosendale and California millionaire Troy Downing. Olszewski sent an email to his list last week, explaining that he was “100% Montanan” and had deep roots and a … Read More

3.2 Million Americans Became Uninsured While Gianforte Fought to Cut Taxes for Millionaires

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Helena—Today, Gallup released a new report which found that while Greg Gianforte was fighting to cut taxes for multimillionaires like him while raising the debt by more than $1 trillion, the number of Americans without health insurance rose 1.3 percent—or by 3.2 million people—in 2017. This is the largest single-year increase in uninsured Americans since Gallup began tracking the rate. According … Read More

While Rosendale Keeps Bannon Close, Bannon’s Numbers Plummet in New Poll

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Helena – A new poll shows former White House strategist Steve Bannon’s popularity plummeting among Republican voters, which must have wealthy real estate developer Matt Rosendale shaking in his Under Armours right now. According to a Morning Consult/Politico poll, Bannon is viewed unfavorably by 46 percent of self-identified Republican voters, up 17 points from a survey a month earlier. The … Read More

Montana Democrats’ Statement on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day


Helena–Today, Montana Democratic Party Executive Director Nancy Keenan released the following statement in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day: “Fifty years on, the teachings, compassion, and wisdom of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. continue to light the path toward a brighter and more equal future for Americans from Washington DC to the Flathead. Now more than ever, we … Read More

Rosendale’s Hypocrisy Continues: Tweets Support of Human Trafficking Awareness, But Votes Against “Vital” Anti-Human Trafficking Legislation

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Helena – Wealthy real estate developer Matt Rosendale tweeted about Human Trafficking Awareness Day yesterday, which would be a nice gesture, if he hadn’t voted against a bipartisan measure to strengthen Montana’s human trafficking laws. In 2015, Rosendale was one of only seven senators to vote against the bipartisan law, which requires perpetrators to register as sex offenders, allows victims an affirmative defense, and deems a … Read More

Pundits on Rosendale – Is: Real Estate Developer, Hard Right, Lining Up With Bannon. Isn’t: Native Montanan, Top Recruiting Target

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National and state pundits have been weighing in recently on the Montana GOP Senate primary and, well, they haven’t been kind to Matt Rosendale – no one’s first choice. Among other things, the pundits note that Rosendale is headed toward an expensive and nasty primary, and is a real estate developer who is not a native Montanan. Check out what … Read More