State of the #MTSEN Republican Field’s Relationship With Trump: Complicated

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Helena – As President Trump gets ready to deliver his first State of the Union, we tried to piece together just where the Montana GOP Senate candidates stand with Trump. Pretty much the only thing that’s clear is that they are tripping over themselves trying to out-Trump each other. But, other than that, it’s a little confusing. While wealthy real estate … Read More

Maryland Millionaire Rosendale Helped Kill Montana Paycheck Fairness Act

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Olszewski Has Joined Rosendale in Voting Against Closing Montana’s Wage Gap – Fagg Thinks It’s Not Necessary Helena – Nine years ago today, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act was signed into law in an effort to help prevent pay discrimination and give workers more avenues to receive equal pay for equal work. Working families in Montana, and across the country, … Read More

#MTSEN Week in Review

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This week, we saw GOP Senate candidates express disdain for Montana’s families in need of health care services, serve up blatant hypocrisy and flaunt some feeble fundraising numbers. Rosendale OK with Government Shutdown…As Long As It’s Taking Away Montanans’ Health Care Wealthy real estate developer Matt Rosendale was busy feigning sudden interest in CHIP and trying to make political hay … Read More

Ignoring Montanans, Out-of-State Millionaire Troy Downing Campaigns in Las Vegas

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Helena – California millionaire Troy Downing – who has rarely been seen publicly campaigning in Montana – paid a visit to Sin City this week along with Washington politician Ryan Zinke, who is Downing’s friend. It’s not news that Downing isn’t from Montana – he received a tax break for his primary home in southern California as recently as last year. But now he’s not even campaigning … Read More

#TBT: Rosendale Opposes Bipartisan Medicaid Expansion That Helps Over 90,000 Montanans

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Helena – Two years ago this week, wealthy real estate developer Matt Rosendale introduced a resolution expressing opposition to funding Medicaid expansion. The bipartisan measure Rosendale opposed has helped more than 90,000 Montanans get care and has saved the state of Montana over $40 million. Rosendale also voted against the bipartisan bill that actually expanded Medicaid in Montana, a vote against providing financial … Read More

Thank You, Citizens United: A Letter from Matt Rosendale to His Supporters…maybe

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As this week marks the 8th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s disastrous decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, we uncovered a (fake) thank you note from wealthy real estate developer Matt Rosendale. Dearest Citizens United, Happy 8th anniversary on winning Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission! Now, super PACs and dark money groups are allowed to spend unlimited amounts of money … Read More

Rosendale Wanted Government Shutdown to Rip Health Care from Montanans

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Helena – Wealthy real estate developer Matt Rosendale made crystal clear in 2013 that he had no problem shutting the government down if it was to take away people’s health care, but for some reason takes issue when Sen. Jon Tester votes to try to protect critical health care for Montanans. Rosendale, in 2013, told the Associated Press he would NOT … Read More

24 Bipartisan Senators Have Supported a Clean Reauthorization of CHIP for Months, Why Has Steve Daines Just Found His Voice?

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Helena—On September 18th, a clean bill to reauthorize the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) was introduced to the Senate, earning 24 Democratic and Republican cosponsors, including Montana’s Senior Senator, Jon Tester. Not among the cosponsors of the legislation: Montana’s Junior Senator, Steve Daines. But finally this week, after CHIP had been expired for more than 100 days, Daines appeared to … Read More

Montana’s Families and Businesses Threatened by McConnell’s Politicized Push for Government Shutdown

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After months upon months of not doing his job as Senate leader and passing a long-term budget, Mitch McConnell has now turned this process into pure political theater instead of focusing on funding our government. McConnell, in a leaked memo, readily admits to seeking to embarrass folks like Jon Tester. This failure by Mitch McConnell negatively impacts Montana’s communities – we need … Read More