Troy Downing Has a Date with Lady Justice Tomorrow

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Helena – In an exclusive Valentine’s Day date tomorrow, Californian Troy Downing will meet up with Lady Justice at the Gallatin County Justice Court. A judge and the attorneys may be the only others present at this intimate venue, and things are bound to get awkward. While Downing may claim the two were brought together by the Fish, Wildlife and … Read More

Rosendale Favors Government Shutdown Over Bipartisan Budget Deal for Montana that Funds Military, VA, Health Care

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Helena – It should’ve been commonsense to support a bipartisan budget deal that provides long-term funding for Montana’s community health centers, CHIP, the military, our VA facilities, rural ambulance services and fire mitigation. When asked if he supports the bipartisan budget deal that helps Montana, however, wealthy real estate developer Matt Rosendale said he was opposed to it – mere weeks … Read More

Gianforte and Daines Vote to Continue Government Shutdown, Against Funding Community Health Centers


Helena—Early this morning, Congressman Greg Gianforte and Senator Steve Daines voted to continue a government shutdown and deprive funding for more than 40 of Montana’s community health centers, our nation’s military, and a four year extension of the Children’s Health Insurance Program. However, three weeks ago, both were singing the importance of avoiding a government shutdown. Gianforte said at the time: “A shutdown would stop funding … Read More

Rosendale Silent as His Endorsers Back Government Shutdown, Oppose Funding for Montanans’ Health Care, Veterans

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Does Rosendale Agree with Supporters Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and Club for Growth in Opposing Bipartisan Budget Deal to Fund Military, Health Care? Helena – Wealthy real estate developer Matt Rosendale has been silent since his biggest backers opposed the bipartisan budget deal that strengthens funding for our military, veterans, critical wildfire mitigation, and funds CHIP for an additional four years … Read More

Rosendale Voted Against Strengthening Montana’s Community Health Centers

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Opposes Bipartisan Medicaid Expansion, Favors Taking Away Critical Care Helena – Wealthy real estate developer Matt Rosendale has proven over and over he doesn’t care about Montanans’ access to health care. Despite the fact that Montana’s community health centers (CHCs) provide vital health care services to more than 100,000 residents, particularly those in underserved and rural communities, Maryland Matt voted against … Read More

130 Days Later: Gianforte and Daines Show Up for Health Centers Press Conference But Don’t Sponsor the Bill


Helena—Congress let funding for community health centers (CHC) expire 130 days ago, but neither Congressman Greg Gianforte nor Senator Steve Daines are cosponsoring bipartisan legislation to renew the funding for Montana’s 17 centers. But of course, that didn’t stop them from showing up at a CHC press conference today to put on a show for the cameras. Daines even sent out a … Read More

#mtpol Experts: Gianforte’s Fundraising Haul “isn’t that great for an incumbent congressman”


Helena—Federal Election Commission reports are out, and Montanans are taking note of multimillionaire Congressmen Greg Gianforte’s weak 2017 fundraising numbers. On Montana Public Radio’s “Campaign Beat”, Senior News Analyst and News Director Emeritus Sally Mauk and veteran Montana political reporter Chuck Johnson highlighted Gianforte’s lackluster fundraising haul: SALLY MAUK: “The more surprising numbers, Chuck, are in the House race where two of … Read More

Russell Fagg’s Plagiarism Prompted Him to Leave the Montana Law Review

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Helena – A year ago this week Russell Fagg admitted he plagiarized while on the Montana Law Review, compelling him to resign. Could it have been a sign of things to come? Fagg is currently facing two federal complaints surrounding his unethical behavior. He is facing an ethics complaint for failing to disclose all of his assets, including his private plane, … Read More

#MTSEN VIDEO: Downing Bashes Rosendale

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GOP Primary Opponent Blasts Rosendale as “Opportunist, Career Politician” Helena – In an otherwise sleepy primary thus far, new uncovered video reveals a brutal attack from Californian Troy Downing, who bashes wealthy real estate developer Matt Rosendale for his pattern of being a career politician. Downing says Rosendale is always looking for the next opportunity to get ahead, saying “we put … Read More

More Bad News About the Tax Scam: Federal Government Will Run Out of Money Sooner Than Expected

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Tax Scam Hurts Montana’s Working Families, Adds $1.5 Trillion to Deficit Helena – Under the new tax law, big corporations will see major profits at the expense of hardworking Montanans, adding $1.5 trillion to the debt and forcing our kids and grandkids to dig us out of this mess. The law will increase taxes on tens of thousands of working Montanans while handing … Read More