Opening Day: Matt Rosendale Goes to Bat for East Coast Special Interests, Strikes Out with Montanans


Helena – It’s opening day for wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale’s hometown squad – the Baltimore Orioles – but while things are looking up for the Orioles, it looks like Rosendale is in for a bad season.

While Matt goes to bat for special interests, he can’t seem to stop striking out with Montanans.

Remember, Rosendale is endorsed by out-of-state special interest groups like the controversial Senate Conservatives Fund and Club for Growth, Citizens United, which literally brought dark money into politics, and disgraced former Trump advisor Steve Bannon.

But while he continues to hit home runs with those special interests, Rosendale continues to deceive Montana voters about his dangerous record – he’s rubber-stamped higher health insurance premiums for Montanans, supported a plan that will raise taxes on working Montanans while giving away tax cuts to corporate executives, pushed to make it easier to sell off our public lands with land transfers, and has repeatedly failed our veterans and first responders.


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