Now Showing at a Theater Near Matt Rosendale: Critically Acclaimed Film, Dark Money


Helena – There are limited showings left for the film Dark Money in Helena so we wanted to make sure East Coast developer Matt Rosendale knows this is one of the last opportunities to catch the critically acclaimed film. You know, on the off chance he happens to be in town for his job.

Rosendale might want a front row seat for this one. The State Frauditor in particular stands to learn a lot from this documentary exploring the role of dark money in Montana politics and the proliferation of dark money post-Citizens United, a decision Rosendale praised and which is threatening to return Montana to the days of the Copper Kings when one bought a U.S. Senate seat.

The film covers our state’s “landmark” campaign finance legislation – the bipartisan Montana Disclose Act – which Rosendale voted against in the legislature even though itrequires dark money groups to disclose their campaign expenditures and donors and was a direct rebuttal to the expansion of dark money spending in our elections.

We’ll be waiting to hear how Rosendale enjoyed the film.

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