No Show Greg: Gianforte Hides from Montanans After Spending More Than $1.5 Million To Win Primary

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Thursday, June 04, 2020

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No Show Greg: Gianforte Hides from Montanans After Spending More Than $1.5 Million To Win Primary
Missoula Current Highlights Greg Gianforte’s Reputation For Hiding From Media, Voters
Helena, MT – Failed gubernatorial candidate Greg Gianforte has emerged as the Republican nominee for governor, but not before spending over $1.5 million of his own money. Reporting on the election, Missoula Current wrote, “No comment [from Gianforte] could be obtained because unlike other candidates, he scheduled no online statements.”

No Show Greg Gianforte has an infamous reputation for hiding from the media (when he’s not assaulting them) and Montanans alike. The Missoula Current noted that, “Gianforte rarely holds public meetings,” and “[h]e refused to respond to a mid-May survey that asked gubernatorial candidates about their stands on public lands.” Gianforte – who sued the state of Montana to block stream access nearby one of his several properties – has a long, anti-public lands record, and “has indicated he would support transferring land to the states and has voted against the Land and Water Conservation Fund in the House of Representatives.”

The wealthiest elected member of Congress, Gianforte has dumped more than $1.5 million into his own campaign, after profiteering off of the pandemic. Attorney General Tim Fox forecast that Gianforte’s decision would be a liability in the general election, saying, “Montanans have not cared for self-funders, so I thought it was a tactical and strategic mistake on his part… Particularly during a crisis, to see people just throwing money to buy votes is difficult, if not impossible, for Montanans to relate to.”

“No Show Greg Gianforte thinks he can use his massive fortune to buy his way into the Governor’s mansion. He’s flat out wrong,” said MDP Executive Director Sandi Luckey. “Montanans are looking for a Governor who is willing to show up and fight for them, not hide away and bombard televisions across the state with deceptive ads to make up the difference.”


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