No Show Greg Gianforte Has No Plans for Combatting COVID-19

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Monday, October 19, 2020

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No Show Greg Gianforte Has No Plans for Combatting COVID-19
Gianforte: “It’s hard to answer hypotheticals about the future”
Helena, MT – Governing is hard, especially during a pandemic. So it’s no wonder that after skipping more votes than 93% of Congress, Greg Gianforte thinks “It’s hard to answer hypotheticals” about how he would deal with a once-in-a-generation pandemic.

Just last week, the Associated Press reported that Gianforte attended a concert without a mask that has now been linked to “several” confirmed cases of COVID-19. Despite possible exposure, Gianforte refused to get tested for coronavirus.

And while Gianforte has no COVID-19 plan, he’s been clear that his big health care idea is to repeal the Affordable Care Act, gut Medicaid expansion, and tear health care away from more than 112,000 MontanansGianforte has even voted in support of the Republican lawsuit seeking to eliminate the Affordable Care Act, currently in front of the Supreme Court.

And this isn’t the first time that Gianforte has dodged a question about his plans for the future by couching his record in “hypotheticals.”

After calling a statewide sales tax an “ideal solution” for Montana, Gianforte said “he was speaking in hypothetical terms.”

When asked if he would repeal or keep Montana’s mask mandate, “[Gianforte] said that’s hypothetical.”

And now, Gianforte refuses to put forward any plan for dealing with COVID-19, because, “It’s hard to answer hypotheticals about the future.”

“In case Montanans needed another reminder, Greg Gianforte’s inability to answer basic questions about his plans for leading Montana through an unprecedented public health emergency is utterly disqualifying,” said MDP Deputy Communications Director Matt Fidel. “Nothing about this pandemic is ‘hypothetical’ – since No Show Greg refuses to lead in Montana just like he did in Congress, he should pack up and head back to New Jersey.”


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