NEW STUDY: Rosendale-Backed Plans Would Raise Premiums to $8,000 for Average Montanan


Helena – Instead of advocating for Montanans’ health care, wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale has advocated for policies that would spike premiums in Montana by nearly 20 percent and provide significantly less coverage.

new analysis shows that under a current proposal to expand short term health insurance plans and with provisions in the new tax law, premiums are projected to increase by more than $1,300 for Montanans in 2019 alone. That means Montanans could pay an average of $8,076 in premiums next year thanks to policies that Rosendale supports.

Rosendale has failed Montana as insurance commissioner, rubber stamping rate hikes of up to 23 percent, while pushing for health care plans that do not have to cover pre-existing conditions or key services like maternity care, prescription drugs, mental health, or substance abuse treatment and prevention.


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